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COVID-19 Protocols

For in-person Mini Maestros classes

Covid 19

We are committed and determined to keep everyone safe and healthy when we head back into the classroom for some much needed music and social interaction. To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, we will rigidly follow these protocols:

  • DON'T COME TO CLASS when you or your child has a temperature of 100 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT or more.

  • Sanitize hands upon entering and before leaving the studio.

  • No more than 5 families/kids per class.

  • No more than one caregiver per family. 

  • Adults wear masks at all times.

  • Families stay in their designated space, 6' away from each other, at all times.

  • Windows in the classroom are open at all times to allow plenty of air changes during class.

  • Only disinfected props and instruments are used.

  • High touch areas and surfaces will be sanitized multiple times per day.

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