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Enrollment Options

Ongoing Monthly Tuition - $56.25/month

This is the best value and has the best educational benefit for you child. 44 classes per year and unlimited make up sessions available as long as you are enrolled.


Preschool Music Camp Tuition - $63.25/month

2.5 Hours per week on Friday mornings, between Labor Day and Memorial Day (9 months only).

Sibling discounts: first sibling 20%, second sibling 40%.

Class Passes

Buy a 6-week ($100), 8-week ($135), or 12-week ($200) class pass (NOT valid for our pre-k drop-off class). Class passes are valid for a limited amount of time, after which they expire. They do not carry the option to make up missed sessions. 

Periodic One Time Only Attendance - $20.00/class

You must pre-register and pay with credit card for this option. No drop-ins and no cash/check on site. This option is subject to availability in each class, and is NOT available for our pre-k drop-off class. 

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