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Liesbeth Korink Beasley

Liesbeth Beasley

Liesbeth (pronounce LeaseBet) Korink Beasley was born and raised in the Netherlands. She grew up listening to, playing and loving music. There was always music at her home. Her father played in a successful jazz quartet and recorded several albums. She was 8 years old when she started playing the piano; later she switched to the flute.


Liesbeth has a Masters in Educational Science; she always wanted to work with kids. There was no work in her field after she graduated college and eventually she ended up being a management consultant for many years. Sixteen years ago she met her husband Shawn and decided to move to the US, leaving her career behind.


Liesbeth has been teaching and specializing in very young child development through music and movement since 2010. She is also a Simply Music Piano instructor and has students from ages 7 – 70+ with a range of abilities.


Teaching  incorporates her two life-long passions: music and kids. Being a music educator is like a dream come true! She is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher, focused on each child as an individual in his or her own right. She hopes to be instrumental in instilling a lifetime love of music in more than one child. She will bring you and your child a musical experience that is filled with love and fun and extends past the classroom into your home.


Liesbeth is happily married and a mother of two: Emma and Jonas. In her free time she enjoys reading, bicycling, gardening, and playing music.


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